Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You Write In About BKB's Coverage of SOTU

Kay M. - Did you check out Jim Webb's rebuttal? Brilliant.

Richard K. - Had to switch over to C-SPAN because my girlfriend's eyelashes kept flappin', but then, I couldn't take any of it any longer. Good night.

Jeannie C. - 'Democrat' Party was also seized upon by Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman of MSNBC. And of course the politically correct Madame Speaker - who is just a few heartbeats away. Don't know if you noticed. VP Cheney slipped something into his mouthwhen he thought the world wasn't looking. Was it just a throat lozenge or was it nitroglycerin or lasix? One can only hope.

Bob M. - was that the drinking game?

Linda A. - thanks for sending us some insight on politics - me and my co-workers are enjoying them. Me

from i missed a good party on new years. love your blog. x mary

Mira P. - brilliant. i missed the sotu, but caught it at midnight when i got home. and how about the muted and pastel ties?

Senator Jim Webb, D-VA - Democrat(-ic Party) Response to SOTU


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