Monday, January 22, 2007

The State Of the Union Is the Strongest Ever

No, I'm not on crack. I'm on nostalgia.

In less than twenty-four hours, Mr. Bush will deliver his constitutionally required report to the Legislative Branch. We will be worse off on January 23, 2007, than we were on September 12, 2001. Two thirds of Our Country know it. At last I am in the majority of some American something; however, this is no warm blanket.
The impending annual Exeutive Branch Lie-Fest is a landmark for another reason. It is the first I shall view in High Definition broadcast television. The beads of sweat on Mr. Bush's brow will have never glistened so fine before my eyes.

But all these developments just make me long for the good bad old days of Bill Clinton. He had this habit of actually saying the words every year, "The State Of the Union is strong." No POTUS in my recollection had ever given that succinct accounting in his SOTU.

Longing to hear those words again, I turned to the archive of The Nation, YouTube (a wholly owned subsidiary of Google). What I found was this determined and fist-pounding phrase:

"The State Of the Union is the strongest it has ever been."

These exceptional words were spoken in the Year of Our Lord, 2000, at two minutes, thirteen seconds, into his address, as the framing graphics attest.

Did somebody just say, "What a difference seven years make?" Read the Book of Genesis, Chapter 41 and try to be shocked.


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